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Coronavirus: DR Congo approves ‘MANACOVID’ as anti-covid drug

Coronavirus: DR Congo approves 'MANACOVID' as anti-covid drug

The Luozi pharmaceutical research centre (CRPL), on Tuesday approved the “MANACOVID” drug to treat the coronavirus (COVID-19) in DR Congo.

A statement issued in Kinshasa said the results were observed by three teams of doctors on a total of 300 cases that tested positive to COVID-19.

All these cases proved negative with the disappearance of symptoms and good tolerance, within five days of treatment or 100 per cent recovery.

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Approved on 24 November, 2020, with a certificate of invention as evidence, “MANACOVID” is a product based on local medicinal plants.

It was discovered in March 2020 by Congolese chemist-doctor, Etienne Flaubert Batangu Mpesa, following his work with a team of pharmacist researchers, the statement said.

MANACOVID is one of three projects selected and recommended by the ministry of Scientific Research and Technologic innovation since 14 April, 2020, for clinical tests.

Before its approval, all the processes were respected, particularly the approval of the MANACOVID protocol by the National Health Ethics Committee (CNES).

The clinical tests were carried out from June to October 2020 through three independent teams of Congolese investigative doctors registered with the DRC Doctors Order under the coordination of a principal-investigator.

Pharmacist Etienne Flaubert Batangu Mpesa graduated at Lovanium University since 1971, now University of Kinshasa (UNIKIN). He became teacher of Pharmaceutical sciences at Montreal, Quebec/Canada University in 1980.

Mpesa, now chairman of the board of directors of CRPL, is the inventor of the products Manadiar (against amebic diarrhea) and Manalaria (anti malaria).


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