Troponado is great. I don’t think this can be saturized. You also have a couple different ways to do it. Well, first thing you do is look on yelp for 2-3 star businesses. Maybe even 1-star, but I think a 1-star wouldn’t care much at that point lol You tell them that you can help them increase their stars to 5. They need to sign up for a service.

You can do it purely offline and have them pay you. OR you can create a landing page. the best thing is to get them on an auto subscription so that they can forget about it. This guarantees you some nice passive income. Now, you can either jump on some accounts and vpns, or you could hire some people from fiverr to help you and then just add the cost to your offering.
For me, I favor 100% autopilot so I would hire a cold caller and some people to do the reviews for me and just collect. What do you think?
identify need: positive reviews = more business for client
solution identified which allows you to tackle it in a number of ways.
what do you think of this?
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